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    Are your machines appropriately spaced?
    Machinery spacing can help avoid a variety of hazards in your workshop.
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    Safety products now available at affordable prices for your school or organisation. Get your classroom, laboratory, workshop or storage area compliant before 2019.

    AND safety products... because safety shouldn't cost a life!

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  • A New Educational Paradigm

    Let's take a fresh look at education. What if we could have an educational model that no longer focusses on age, bells and cells? Read More
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    Duty of Care has many facets. Will your school have your back if something goes wrong? Read More
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  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Learning Space Design
  • Educational Leadership

Occupational Health & Safety

Professional occupational health and safety services.

Plant Register

We identify and document both fixed and portable plant. We'll also help setup a maintenance log and ensure its compliant with all current regulations.

Emergency Management

We collaboratively plan for emergency situations and communicate your plan to all stakeholders.

Risk Assessment

We conduct walk-thru risk assessments for all environments and let you know how to mitigate the hazards.

Security Management

We identify security risks and recommend management strategies to mitigate risk, loss or injury.

Learning Space Design

Safe and stress free workplaces are our mandate.We'll help you design practical, ergonomic and highly enagaging workspaces and learning environments.

Building Semiotics

We work with architects and interior designers to ensure the right materials, colours, finishes, fittings and other design elements are appropriately chosen.

Design & Research Spaces

We understand every phase of the design process and the specific facilities needed to ensure your students and workers can produce the most effective design solutions.

Workshop Design

We deliver specialised services to ensure your workshop design caters for each material to be processed and the specific working processes for each machine.

Science Prep & Labs

We identify safe and secure chemical storage solutions, and show how achieve conformance with the Global Harmonisation Standards.

Educational Leadership

21st century education requires new ways of engaging learners. The age of cells and bells can no longer provide students with the skills and knowledge for an information and service based economy. We use evidence based research to help schools realign their mission and goals, academic structures and process, and its people (teachers, students, families and community).

Mission and Goals

We work with school leaders and the school community to develop a powerful mission statement and goals to faciltate innovation and leverage positive student outcomes.

Academic Structures and Processes

We evaluate the school's structures and processes to identify its enablers and blockers. We providee strategies for strategic change and continual improvement.


Education requires human leadership. Without it, the critical relationships needed to develop the context which fosters student gowth and development cannot occur. We work with leaders to help identify relationship opportunties and improvement strategies.

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Our Team...

  • Andrew Nicholls

    OHS Specialist | Designer | Educational Leader

    Over the course of his career, Andrew has worked in number of industries and schools. His professional knowledge and educational practices have been utilised to educate students in Literacy, Technology, Art, Visual Communication, History and Occupational Health and Safety. He is a regular contributor to DATTA conferences and WHS/OHS workshops.

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First Aid Kit - Vehicle Max Soft Pack


National Vehicle Max Soft Pack

* Complies with National WHS 2015 & State Regulations for Work Vehicles.
* The ever popular delxue vehicle kit.
* Medium sized case with internal compartments ready for that unexpected road side emergency.

This kit includes:
     x1 Adhesive stripes, Plastic 72x19mm Pkt of 50
     x1 Hydrogel Burn Gel, Sachet 3.5g
     x1 Cold Pack, Instant Large Boxed
     x1 Large Plastic Bag, Resealable 230x305mm
     x1 CPR Flowchart, Wallet Sized
     x1 Emergency First Aid Information Booklet, DL Size folded
     x1 Medium Plastic Bag, Resealable 150x230mm
     x1 Forceps, Splinter Stainless Steel 12.5cm
     x1 Notebook with pencil
     x1 Paper Tape, 2.5x9cm, Hypo-Allergenic White
     x1 Rescue/Thermal Blanket Silver Space
     x1 CPR Face Shield, Disposable with Non-Return Valve
     x1 Safety Pins Card of 12
     x1 scissors, Stainless Steel 12.5cm
     x1 Small Plastic Bag, Resealable 100x125mm
     x1 Triangular Bandage, Cotton Large 110cm
     x1 Wound Dressing #14 Sterile
     x2 Eye Pads, Sterile Pkt of 1
     x2 Eyewash Ampoule, 30ml
     x2 Gauze Swab, 7.5x7.5cm, Pkt of 5
     x2 Glove, Disposable Large Pkt of 2
     x2 Non-Adherent Dressing 10x7.5cm Sterile
     x2 Non-Adherent Dressing, 5x5cm
     x2 Povi Iodine Swabs
     x3 Conforming bandage 5cm White
     x3 Conforming bandgage 7.5cm White
     x4 Antiseptic Alcohol Wipe/Swab, Sterile
     x10 Splinter Probe 4cm Disposable

First Aid Kit - Vehicle Max Soft Pack

Health, Safety & Improvement in Schools & Organisations

We help schools and organisations meet their OHS / WHS legislative requirements through continual improvement, quality management, the mindfulness of staff wellbeing and spaces that consider the working practices of all users.

- Andrew Nicholls -

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